GfT Sport Business Consultancy and Sport Management was founded in 2018. The company is based in the Austrian Alps in Eben im Pongau, close to Salzburg.


I have been involved with many sport and eyewear brands over the last 22 years, always showing a great passion for all types of sports. Working for several leading global brands has helped me develop strong skills in Sales, Marketing, R&D and Product Management. In my recent duties I had global responsibilities, across several brands, for delivering both income statement and working capital results. I have a very charismatic leadership style, a goal oriented mindset and consistent follow through coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit which are assets to any organization. I have utilized these skillsets to establish roadmaps for turning around brand identities and the financials. These plans included brand, product, operations and organization structure considerations.


I am a professional sport business expert who is providing advices and support in
areas such as:

– Portfolio strategy and driving growth
– Improving business unit performance
– Brand positioning
– Segmentation and brand strategy to improve targeting
– Driving effectiveness for greater return on investment
– Sales and marketing strategy support

Furthermore, I support companies and investors in planned acquisitions or in sale processes. The target is to advise companies and investors by developing the right pre-deal strategy. Further activities are to identify business risks, opportunities and future growth potential and to be supportive in negotiations and meetings that deliver synergies and improvements. I offer a very strong global network for any kind of executive and distribution partner search, within the sports and eyewear industry. I support companies in finding the right athletes for communication activities and as opinion leaders. Sponsorship activities and relevant price structure in the market are very familiar to me. I am happy to interim serve in different management positions. I am a very experienced presenter and available for any kind of event.

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Consulting is more than just giving advice! The aim of GfT Sport Business Consulting is to provide accurate information for organization to have an excellent understanding of opportunities and risks. Every single company should have clear business objectives and GfT Sport Business Consulting is supporting you in defining these objectives.
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Years of experience

Global brands I was working for