I am a passionate, strategic and corporate thinking business advisor with more than 20 years of experience in the international consumer and sporting goods industry. I have management experience in Sales, Marketing, R&D, Product Management, as well as top management level as General Manager, Managing Director and Global VP. I am a sports enthusiast excited about new ideas, opportunities and different challenges. I am an advisor with strong vision, determination to succeed and deep respect for company values.


Due to my broad experience and skills in the sports & eyewear industry, I am pleased to offer immediate, efficient and proven strategic solutions for companies, sports federations and athletes. I can support companies and investors in planned acquisitions or sale processes. The target is to advise companies and investors by developing the appropriate pre-deal strategy. Further activities are to identify business risks, opportunities and future growth potential as well as to be supportive in negotiations and meetings to deliver synergies and improvements. I offer a very strong global network for any kind of executive and distribution partner search, within the sports and eyewear industry. I support companies in finding the right athletes for communication activities and as opinion leaders. Sponsorship activities and relevant price structure in the market are very familiar to me. I am happy to serve interim in different management positions. I am a very experienced presenter and available for any kind of event.
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Capable of supporting and driving a business to succeed in a multi-channel, multi-brand, SKU intensive environment. Success in these circumstances requires not only the business acumen to lay out the plans, but the courage to challenge the organization to change as well the ability to manage the organization through that change. GfT Sport business consulting demonstrate these capabilities and experience.
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